As of the time of writing, the cryptocurrency sector is experiencing massive exponential growth as companies and investors begin to see the uses and applications of Blockchain and distributed ledger technology. I have 3 years experience in the cryptocurrency/Blockchain sphere and realise that, for a newcomer, getting up to speed with this new technology can be a daunting prospect. Accordingly I am happy to offer one-to-one advice, tuition and coaching and private workshops in all aspects of cryptocurrency and the Blockchain.

What I don't do is to offer financial advice. I am not a broker or fund-manager and will never advise you on how to invest, what to invest in or take any commission or payments relating to client investment.

What I can help with is:

  • Tuition and coaching on Bitcoin and Altcoins
  • Learning about the Blockchain
  • Security and Wallets
  • How to buy on Exchanges
  • Taking payments online

I believe Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that can - and will - change the way finance is run and perhaps even how society itself is structured. We are still at a very early stage and there is still time to gain the basic knowledge we will possibly all need as the field advances.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet