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ExpressionEngine Development Services

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Here at Okapi Creative we specialise in a small set of core-skills which we can continually focus on and refine. Rather than attempting to be 'Jacks of all Trades' we believe strongly in individual specialisation. Our core skillset can be divided into five separate groupings described below. Note: all these competencies are provided with a full after-project support and ongoing Web Admin/Hosting support or tuition can also be arranged.

We do take on individual clients and businesses but the majority of our work in ExpressionEngine is for digital agencies and web developers working for their own clients. All such work is strictly "white label" and we work under specific NDAs and confidential agreements. In these cases we work from client provided Photoshop designs and wireframes and provide complete templates and ExpressionEngine installations.

Although ExpressionEngine is our go-to CMS of choice, we can also code templates for other leading CMS such as: Craft, Statamic and WordPress. We also develop and code in Squarespace 7.


We have been working in ExpressionEngine as our CMS of choice since it originally burst on to the scene as pMachine. The ease and flexibility of this CMS as well as the vibrant community makes ExpressionEngine our go-to CMS solution.

We can iterate your existing or new design into EE or admin existing sites as well as provide custom plugins and modules. Feel free to get in touch for an in-depth assessment of all things ExpressionEngine and how it can benefit your projects and business.

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Squarespace Development

For some projects a large-scale CMS licence is overkill. For those on a budget or who want the flexibility of being able to update a small-scale site for a short-term advertising drive or crowdfunding campaign with a one-page or brochureware site, Squarespace is the perfect fit.

We are loving the Squarespace platform and can develop and implement your ideas with the basic Squarespace templates. We also work in WordPress, Craft and Statamic

Design, Coding and Accessibility

We code all our sites by hand - old skool! Wherever project parameters permit we code in Html5 and Css3 and can custom code Php, jQuery and Javascript solutions. We are commited to W3C Webstandards and Accessibiltiy guidelines and design/code all our sites for mobiles and handhelds with these parameters firmly in mind.

We also offer a full design and branding service for web, print and digital media. Feel free to cntact us for further details.

Additionally we are able to create short video documentaries and other creative films for YouTube or other promotional platforms and can provide audio, voiceover and podcasting solutions.

Multilingual Content Provision

Okapi offer in-house content provision which ranges from complete web content, short and long-form articles and complete structured campaigns and their associated custom copy.

All original work can be created or translated in the following languages in-house: English (native level), German (native level), Spanish (advanced), Catalan (advanced) and French.

We offer a full digital publishing service and can advise on all aspects of proofing, editing and preparing large or small content for dissemination via the web, digital formats, ebooks or traditional publishing.

Search Engine Optimisation & Social Media Consulting

We offer complete SEO packages and dedicated promotional campaigns. Contact us to discuss your SEO requirements.

Consultancy and advice on Crowdfunding and Social Media Campaigns is also a core competency of ours and we can assist with all related issues.

We would love to discuss your Project

For a free no-strings discussion, assessment or evaluation of your upcoming projects get in touch with us today and we will be happy to give you a detailed free overview of the available options and best possible solutions to make your plans a successful reality!